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What You'll Find at Gunston Hall

What You'll Find at Gunston HallVisitors' Center

A visit to Gunston Hall begins in the Visitor Center with an exploration of the center's exhibits which highlight details of George Mason's civic career and the lasting influences of his most famous document, The Virginia Declaration of Rights. Exhibits also focus on facets of his personal life as well as aspects of 18th-century plantation life.


Just to the east of the house is a group of reconstructed buildings including a kitchen, dairy, smokehouse, and laundry. They surround a well that resides on its original 18th century foundation. These buildings replicate what were the typical support buildings for an 18th century plantation household. They are self-guided and there is also an interpretive area for the slave housing.


Stroll through the central boxwood allée believed to have been planted during George Mason's residence. Enjoy the view of the Potomac River from Mason's garden overlook, or take a peaceful hike down to the banks of the river. A short distance from the house is the Mason family graveyard. During the warm weather months, archaeologists can often be found on the grounds discovering more information about Mason's plantation.

Museum Shop

No visit to Gunston Hall is complete without a stop at the Museum Shop. Here one can find books and other printed materials about George Mason, Gunston Hall, and 18th century life as well as a variety of unique gift items.

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