Gunston Hall, Home of George Mason

Children of George Mason of Gunston Hall


Elizabeth Mason
April 19, 1768 - 17??

Elizabeth married William Thornton probably of King George County at age 23. William Thornton was the son of Francis Thornton of Society Hill in King George County, which William inherited. William served as a representative to the House of Delegates in 1784 through 1786 and a member of the Ratifying Convention in 1788.[1]

According to John Mason they lived at The Cottage in King George County, Virginia.[2] We do not know when Elizabeth died, but it was before June 1797 when her husband wrote his will. William died in 1799.[3] Apparently, neither of their sons had children, ending this branch of the family.


William Thornton, 1789


  • George Francis Thornton, 1790 - 1824

  • William Mason Thornton, 1792 - 18??

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