Probate Inventory Database

Virginia Elite Inventories

Feature Description
Rural Rural households - Agricultural Tools & Livestock Present
Urban Urban households - without Agricultural Tools / Minimal Livestock
Books noted Inventories listing books - no titles
Books titled Inventories listing books by title
Cellar Inventories listing a cellar
Closets Inventories listing closets
Dairy Inventories listing a dairy or milk house
Female Inventories that belonged to a woman
Kitchen Inventories with a kitchen listed by name or assumed
Livestock Inventories listing livestock
Merchant A mercantile inventory listed
Out buildings Inventories listing out buildings other than kitchen
Potomac Households in a county which borders the Potomac River
Quarters Quarters listed in probate
Room by room Inventories listed by room
Slaves Inventories listing slaves by name
Tools Inventories listing tools; agricultural / craft / textile
Wash house Inventories with a wash house listed by name

George Mason's Gunston Hall Plantation - Mason Neck, Virginia 22079-3901