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George Mason (1725-1792), a wealthy and prominent plantation owner, is best known for his political contributions to Virginia and United States during the Revolution and in the framing of the Constitution. He drafted the Virginia Declaration of Rights in 1776, a document which later provided the framework for the national Bill of Rights. He was a prominent figure at the Constitutional Convention of 1787, helping shape that document but then becoming one of the leading opponents of the Constitution as it was written.

SCOPE & CONTENT: Contains mostly correspondence from Mason, with some land records, and a few financial records. Documents are arranged by date.

ACQUISITION: The documents were acquired from many different sources, both purchases and gifts, usually as individual items or in small groups.

RESTRICTIONS: Unrestricted Access


Deed with Thomas Halbert, 29 Dec. 1752 [OV]
Deed from Lord Fairfax, 25 Oct. 1754 [OV]
Deed with Joseph Bennett, 10 Aug. 1756 [OV]
Lease with William Kitchen, 1 Oct. 1757 [OV] [image]
Deed with William Stone, 7 Oct. 1757 [OV]
Lease with William Scott, 15 Nov. 1757 [OV]
Indenture of William Buckland, 4 Aug. 1755. [image]
and James Buckland Indenture of William Buckland, 5 Apr 1748. [image]
Letter to Alexander Henderson, 18 July 1763. [transcript]
Deed with Philip and Frances Ellis, 6 Nov. 1767
Deed with Hanover Bradie, 16 Nov. 1767
Letter to George Washington, 9 April 1768. [transcript]
Letter to George Washington, 17 Oct. 1769
Bond from Frederick Nicholls, 16 May 1773
Bond from Edward Smith, 28 July 1773
Letter to Rev. James Scott, 14 Dec. 1774
Letter to James Mercer, 6 Feb. 1778
Letter to Henry Tazewell, 16 July 1779
Letter to Samuel Purviance.18 Jun 1782.
Letter to Samuel Purviance. 17 July 1782.
   Includes several additional documents thought to accompany this letter: copy of a remonstrance from the Virginia General Assembly regarding Western land encroachment, Dec. 10, 1779; a memorandum regarding Col. Henderson’s company purchasing land from the Cherokee Indians; memorandum regarding the legislative transfer of land to Col. Henderson’s company; and remarks on the title of Virginia to Western lands.
Letter to Henry Tazewell, 6 May 1783
Letter to Hunter, Allison, & Co., 17 Aug. 1783
Letter to Col. John Fitzgerald, Apr. 1784. [transcript]
Land Grant, 21 July 1784
Letter (excerpt, 19th century copy) to Joshua Johnson, 1784.
   Regarding an order for the Mason family Coat of Arms to be engraved on silver.
Letter to Robert Carter, 5 Oct. 1785. [image] [transcript]
Letter (Frag.) to Col. William Fitzhugh, 26 Feb. 1786
Letter to William Carr, 3 Mar. 1786
Letter to Col. John Fitzgerald, 27 Mar. 1786
Grant of land from the Commonwealth of Virginia to George Mason. Land in Lincoln Co., Kentucky. Signed by Patrick Henry, 12 May1786.
Letter to Col. John Fitzgerald, 15 Aug. 1786
Letter to Col. John Fitzgerald, 28 Nov. 1786
Recollection of Ohio Company Transaction, 19 Dec. 1787
Remarks on the Basis of Representation, 1787
Objections to the Constitution, 1787-1788
Letter to John Francis Mercer, 1 May 1788
Letter to Martin Cockburn, 1 Dec. 1788
Letter to Capt. James Fenwick, 19 Mar. 1789
Letter to Capt. James Fenwick, 27 Mar. 1789
Letter draft. Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer to Mason, 12 Jan. 1789. [transcript]
Letter to John Mason, 26 July 1790
Letter to Robert Carter, 16 Sept. 1791
Letter to John Mason, 10 Sept. 1792 [image] [transcript]

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